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Coach Chela Consulting
Coach Chela Consulting
The Emerald Cup celebrates the growers of this beautiful, beneficial plant. We were thrilled to be among those who take such great care in producing California cannabis.
Coach Chela Consulting
Coach Chela Consulting
The NIH is promoting funding opportunities to study the use of cannabis for treating cancer. More research is always good, but some people are ready to try cannabis now!

"In a notice of special interest posted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on Thursday, the agency said that about one in four cancer patients have reported using cannabis products to manage their symptoms—including anorexia, nausea and pain—but “research about their health effects, including potential harms and benefits, remain limited.”

NIH’s National Cancer Institute said that the purpose of the solicitation is to “promote research in understanding the mechanisms by which cannabis and cannabinoids affect cancer biology, cancer interception, cancer treatment and resistance, and management of cancer symptoms.”
Coach Chela Consulting
Coach Chela Consulting
Nicole was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer ER+, PR-, HER+, BRCA-
with metastasis to her bones, liver, and lymph in August 2018. She was devastated.
In September 2018, she started using cannabis in her routine.
“By January 2019, I was in remission. No radiation. No mastectomy. And, only three rounds of chemo. My doctors were amazed at my recovery. I was able to live again. With cannabis in my daily wellness regimen, I was able to eat. I was able to sleep. The nausea was almost non-existent.”
Nicole used a variety of artisanal, full spectrum and a wide range of cannabinoids (including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBG, and more) as well as psilocybin.
She also used supplements including PEA, pre and probiotics, vit. D, B12, etc. and practiced a keto diet.
Jaime grew Nicole’s medicine, tested it, and made it. They studied and sought expert help. They built a lab at home and have become experts in their own right, launching @Grace Health and Wellness.
Nicole and Jaime celebrate the multimodal mechanisms of action of cannabis as well as it being among the most potent adaptogens. We’re so happy to reconnect with Nicole and Jaime at @CannMed2022

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Coach Chela Consulting
Coach Chela Consulting
The most dedicated, experienced clinicians and researchers gathered at CannMed consistently said, “Everyone is different,” “Each endocannabinoid system is different,” “Cannabis is individualized medicine.”
During the Medical Practicum, Dr. Dustin Sulak said that two preclinical studies were misinterpreted to create the persistent myth that hormone driven cancers require CBD dominant cultivars. In his practice, and in the literature, Dr. Sulak says, “We cannot draw a conclusion that THC is bad for hormonal driven cancers.” Dr. Sulak recommends starting low and monitoring your progress carefully.
Keep track of what you’re using, track your labs and how you’re feeling. Use a notebook, journal or app.
Dr. Bonni Goldstein added, “Feedback informs the path forward.” Dr. Goldstein reminded the nurses, doctors, pharmacists and advocates, “There’s not enough evidence to say exactly what cannabinoid is best for which cancer.” In addition to her clinical experience, Dr. Goldstein referenced a 2018 study from Spain that did not show any evidence that THC is problematic in hormone driven cancers.

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Coach Chela Consulting
Coach Chela Consulting
My Greatest Teacher

Enjoy, love and bask right now
Now is all we have

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Coach Chela Consulting
Coach Chela Consulting
Studies on immunotherapy indicate broadly that one shouldn’t use cannabis products if they are doing immunotherapy. The thinking is that you’re trying to rev up the immune system with the treatment and this plant medicine interferes with that process.

Dr. David Meiri leads the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research at the Technion in Israel. He is a highly published, world-renowned researcher and we were thrilled to connect with Dr.Meiri at CannMed2022. He was kind enough to give us some clarity on these studies:

Coach Chela: Dr. Meiri, which type of cannabis was used in your studies on immunotherapy?
Dr. Meiri: It was 90% THC, but both CBD and THC were used in the studies.
CC: If your loved one was doing immunotherapy what would you tell them?
Dr. Meiri: Do windows. At least five days before immunotherapy stop [using cannabis products].
CC: People say you need to use specific cannabinoids to kill certain cancers. Which cannabinoids kill which cancers?
Dr. Meiri: If someone tells you that they know exactly what a cannabinoid does, they are trying to get you to invest in their start-up, because nobody knows [yet].

Cannabis Consumption Used by Cancer Patients during Immunotherapy Correlates with Poor Clinical Outcome

Cannabis Impacts Tumor Response Rate to Nivolumab in Patients with Advanced Malignancies
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