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Coach Chela
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Coach Chela
Coach Chela
I am not a doctor but my mom lived with dementia for 9 years. Here's what we know:

TODAY in 33 states, people can go to a dispensary and start trying cannabis to alleviate some symptoms of dementia.
Depending on what they are trying to address, considering the person with dementia (PWD) and their other meds side effects, you always want to start low and go slow - which can be frustrating for all concerned.

You must keep a log somehow of dose, time, and effects. There is an app called “Releaf” - or go old school and get a notebook. Tracking is essential for good progress. This is a “bottom-up” trial, you need to be a researcher to help your loved one, and make life better NOW - not after years and years of clinical trials. The great thing about 70+ years of prohibition is that any studies on cannabis were designed to find the harm in cannabis - and they can’t find any!

Below is some pertinent information, that worked for us.
As you know, I’m not a doctor just a family caregiver turned advocate with a keen interest in sharing what worked for us, and others:

* 2:1 CBD:THC tincture 3x’s/day (start with 3 drops and observe, increase as needed)
Some people with a lot of agitation, aggression, anxiety need more medicine. At night, for sleep, you might want to try a different formulation, or larger dose. Keep notes and increase as needed. You want to watch for dizziness, but if you go low and slow, it should not be an issue. In a recent interview with Dr. Russo, he affirmed that most PWD need a bit of THC to find relief. We found it helpful to try the dose first to have an idea of what's going on. But remember that older ppl are more sensitive to THC.
* Coconut Milk protein shakes 3x’s/day (start slow with this too, could have tummy upset, but will resolve)
Coconut oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides which convert to ketones in the liver and feed the insulin resistant brain. You need a medicinal dose to notice a difference. And some people have a little tummy upset or loose bowls when they first start coconut oil. But when we did this with mom, she re-gained two years worth of lost skills in two days! 3 shakes/day

Dr. Jeff Hergenrather has a lot of experience using cannabis on people living with dementia in Northern California (Santa Rosa)
- Hergenrather works with three facilities in NorCal and seems to have worked out some dosing protocols, formulas

NiaMedic, a clinic in in Southern California could be helpful as well. They’ve had a clinic in Israel for about 2+ years. They specialize in older people and poly-pharmacy and have a rich database.


Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, Ethan Russo, MD

[FTA] Section on Cannabis and Alzheimer Disease
* Agitation: THC, CBD, linalool
* Anxiety: CBD, THC (low dose), linalool
* Psychosis: CBD
* Insomnia/Restlessness: THC, linalool
* Anorexia: THC
* Aggression: THC, CBD, linalool
* Depression: THC, limonene, CBD
* Pain: THC, CBD
* Memory: alpha-pinene (Russo, 2011; Russo and Marcu, 2017) + THC
* Neuroprotection: CBD, THC
* Reduced Aβ plaque formation: THC, CBD, THCA
3T coconut oil (a medium chain triglyceride/MCT) 3x/day
OR 1 cup coconut milk 3x/day (need the fat)
We did protein shakes based in coconut milk with frozen fruit and unflavored, unsweetened protein powder - 3x’s a day because mom would readily consume sweet things, but “real food” was not easy. We want to flow, not fight.
Dr. Mary Newport’s book, “Alzheimer’s Disease: What if there was a cure and Nobody Knew”
Our next Virtual Dementia Tour is 03/29/2019 in Burbank at Providence St. Joseph’s Hospital at the Leeza’s Care Connection.

All people in relationship with Dementia need to read “The 36 Hour Day” - co-founded by Martin A. Lee, excellent resource for cannabis medicine
Read “Smoke Signals” by Martin A. Lee - excellent primer on cannabis history - medical, recreational, and scientific

And here is the US Department of Health’s patent on cannabis for neuroprotection 6630507B1:
Coach Chela
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Dr. Ethan Russo sat down with us at #TheEmeraldCup for some blunt talk about how #CannabisHelpsDementia.

Check out our short but impactful time together here:

Read the full article titled “Cannabis Therapeutics and the Future of Neurology” that inspired it from Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience #B60" target="_blank">


Feel free to share far and wide. People living in relationship with dementia can’t wait!
Coach Chela
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Bold filmmakers like @SkyBergman inspire the world through their work! Art moves people in ways lobbying cannot. Watch Lives Well Lived - you’ll love it! #KNOWBrainer #liveswelllived #BeBold #StateCapitol #Sacramento ps #CannabisHelpsDementia #CannabisCommunity
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Senator @HollyJMitchell and her office are intensely aware of the need to make bold improvements in public policy around dementia. Early detection is essential! #KNOWBrainer #BeBold #dementia ps #CannabisHelpsDementia #StateCapitol #Sacramento 💜
Coach Chela
Coach Chela posted 2 photos — at California State Capitol.
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California State Capitol
@wendycarillo AD51 understands the BOLD warrior you gotta be to impact dementia! And little Lulu was so sweet, a tiny fluff ball transforming the office into a warm, welcoming space. #KNOWBrainer #AD51 #BeBold #pettherapy ps #CannabisHelpsDementia #StateCapitol #Sacramento
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